Powdec’s unique face-down MOCVD technology enables high-quality thin-film crystals with low defect density. In addition, high-voltage, high-current, high-speed, high-resistance transistors and diodes can be realized with the polarization super junction developed by Powdec.

Wafer Device

POWDEC sells the following items as standard products.

GaN template on sapphire substrate GaN / AlGaN HEMT structure on sapphire substrate

In addition, crystal growth of GaN on GaN substrates and SiC substrates can be performed.
The layer structure can be grown according to the customer's request. We will also support light emitting devices such as LED and Laser.


Powdec has invented a device structure called Polarization Superjunction. We are convinced that the presence of this polarized superjunction will enable a higher breakdown voltage than conventional FETs and will be a key device in power electronics. It is supplied in the TO-247 package as standard, but it can also be supplied in a surface mount type package. We will provide technical support to customers who are interested in this device and want to commercialize it.

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