Founder Message

Founder Founder Hiroji Kawai

At present, the earth we live in has exploded in CO2 emissions since the Industrial Revolution, causing a drastic change in the global environment such as global warming and extreme weather. What we can do from now on is to have a big energy revolution. Twenty years ago, I didn't think the current environment would worsen so much, but I believed that the material GaN, which was being developed by a large company at that time, would eventually become the core of devices that could control electrical energy with high efficiency. I jumped out of a company and started Powdec. At this time, I established the corporate philosophy of "contributing to the construction of infrastructure for the 21st century society through the development and production of GaN-based semiconductor devices and substrates.“
This year, which has been in business for 19 years, has successfully developed Powdec’s unique crystal growth technology and high-performance transistors and diodes for power electronics. This is because of the patrons who patronized POWDEC. I would like to express our deepest gratitude.
Now, considering the management of POWDEC to be a baton touch for the younger generation, I have decided to leave the representative director to Hironobu Narui. In the future, under his management, Powdec will continue to support our customers' business, so I look forward to your continued patronage.

President Message

President President Hironobui Narui

I am Hironobui Narui, who has been appointed new President of Powdec K.K. With all the members of POWDEC, we will do our utmost to create a company that is more valuable and attractive to our customers, shareholders and business partners. We look forward to your guidance and encouragement as well as the former President Hiroji Kawai.
Powdec has been promoting its corporate philosophy, "Contribute to the construction of a 21st century society through the development and production of GaN-based semiconductor device infrastructure and substrates".
Based on this corporate philosophy, we will continue to pursue our vision of becoming a leading company that develops key devices and technologies that support the future of renewable energy that is friendly to the environment and people.
Powdec possesses a unique MOCVD crystal growth technology (which can grow wafers with less wafer dust and higher crystallinity than commercially available equipment), and can develop and manufacture small quantities of GaN-based electronic devices to optical devices. There is infrastructure. In particular, for GaN-based electronic devices, there is a power transistor technology (PSJ) that enables high breakdown voltage, high current capacity, high speed, and radiation resistance, and we would like to provide technical support for customers who are considering the power device business in the future. We also support the development of customers who want to commercialize GaN-based electronic devices or GaN-based light-emitting devices other than PSJ. In addition, Powdec also sells template subustrate to meet customer requirements. If you have any requests for GaN-based crystal growth and processes, please let us know. We hope you can contribute to your business development.

About us

Address <Headquarters/Factory>
1-23-15 Wakagi-cho, Oyama-shi, Tochigi, 323-0028 JAPAN
TEL: +81-285-22-9986,FAX: +81-285-22-9987
Company Purpose Development and Production of Epitaxial Wafers of Nitride Semiconductors
- AlGaN/GaN GaN-HEMT Substrates
- AlGaN/Sapphire Ultra Violet Sensors Substrates
- GaN/Sapphire GaN-Template Substrates AlN-Template Substrates
- GaN/Sapphire ELO Substrates
Development of GaN Semiconductor Devices
Capital 50 million yen
Foundation May 15, 2001
PresidentHironobu Narui
FounderHiroji Kawai
DirectorShuichi Yagi
DirectorTatsuki Nazuka
AuditorEiichi Yamaguchi
AuditorTsutomu Kaneko
Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, Ashikaga Bank
Customer Semiconductor Companies, Research Institutes, Universities


President Dr. Hironobu Narui

Dr.Hironobu Narui

After graduating from Keio University, joined Sony Corporation in 1987 Developed multi-beam laser, two-wavelength laser, blue / green laser, etc.
He received a doctorate degree from Keio University in 1997.
Retired from Sony Corporation in 2018 and joined Poudec Corporation.
In April 2020, assumed the role of President of POWDEC K.K.

Founder Dr. Hiroji Kawai

Dr.Hiroji Kawai

Shizuoka University Faculty of Engineering
1969: Joined Sony Corporation At the Central Research Laboratory, developed ZnS-based phosphors, MOCVD and device development for GaAs-based semiconductors, and MOCVD and device development for GaN-based semiconductors. Senior Researcher
1991: Ph.D. (Engineering) from Shizuoka University Graduate School of Electronics.
2001: Retired from Sony Corporation and founded Powdec K.K.
2011: Development of PSJ diode and PSJ transistor
April 2020: Appointed Powdec K.K., Founder, Chief Technology Director

Director Dr. Shuichi Yagi

Dr.Shuichi Yagi

2000: Ph.D. in Physics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Meisei University
2001: Meisei University Advanced Materials Research and Development Center Postdoc
2001: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Optoelectronic control device group Visiting researcher
2003: AIST Power Electronics Research Center Part-time staff
2009: Joined Powdec K.K.
2018: Director of Powdec K.K.

Director Tatsumi Natsuka

Tatsuki Nazuka

Auditor Eiichi Yamaguchi

Dr.Eiichi Yamaguchi

1979: Ph.D. in Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
1979-1998: Senior Researcher, NTT Basic Research Laboratories
Visiting researcher at Notre Dame University
IMRA Europe invited researcher
~ 2003 21st Century Policy Research Institute
2001: Founded Powdec K.K. with Dr. Kawai and assumed the position of director
2013-2014: Doshisha University Graduate School Professor
Visiting Fellow , Clear Hall, Cambridge University, UK
2014: Professor, Graduate School of Kyoto University
2020: Specially Appointed Professor, Kyoto University Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Division, Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
Auditor of Powdec K.K.

Auditor Tsutomu Kaneko

Tsutomu Kaneko


2019 Feb
Capital reduced to JPY 50 million without compensation
2013 Oct
Press release on a high-voltage GaN-PSJ transistor on Silicon substrate
2013 May
Headquarter relocated in Oyama, Tochigi Pref.
2013 Apr
NEDO-financed aid project for commercialization of venture business
2012 Jul
Launch of a new 200mm-MOCVD
2012 Feb
Press release on a 6kV-GaN PSJ transistor
2011 Aug
NEDO-financed aid project for energy-saving innovative technology
2011 Mar
Press release on a new structure of HFET
2011 Feb
Facility investment of MOCVD granted by METI
2010 Nov
Press release on GaN vertical diodes
2010 Mar
Completed relocation of plant to Oyama, Tochigi Pref.
2007 Dec
Business and capital alliances with Furukawa Co.
Capital increased to JPY 768 million
2004 Dec
Capital increased to JPY 268 million by venture capitals
2001 Dec
Started operation in Kanagawa Pref.
2001 Nov
Business alliance with ULVAC
2001 May
Founded with a capital of JPY 56 million
Headquartered in Kanagawa Prefecture


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