We are a group of earnest engineers. We will support a renewable energy society with our technology and realize an earth-friendly future.

Now, Powdec is looking for high-frequency power circuit engineers to expand its business. We look forward to your application.

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Voice of employees

Ryoji Kitahara
Ryoji KitaharaMid-career recruitment
Joined company in 2006

I've been working on epitaxial growth since joining the company in 2006 Since the epitaxial growth is formed using our own equipment, the mechanism of the equipment can be learned from scratch. It is also a very rewarding workplace because you can work on the latest topics that are not published in textbooks and dissertations.

Takeru Saito
Takeru SaitoHiring new graduates
Joined company in 2012

I joined as a new graduate. Basically, I think that it is attractive that development work is left to us and that it is easy to concentrate on work.
Since it is a venture company, there are no detailed rules and we are free. It is also worthwhile to be able to start up from scratch depending on my motivation.

Satoshi Yuuki
Satoshi YuukiMid-career recruitment
Joined company in 2020

I worked for a major electronics company, but at a large company my work was fragmented and I couldn't show myself. In Powdec, it's a small company, so I have to do everything on my own, but on the other hand, it's really fun to be free to do it at my own discretion.

Yuusuke Kamiyama
Yuusuke KamiyamaHiring new graduates
Joined company in 2015

When I graduated from an electrical university and thought about finding a job, I chose Powdec as a company where I could try anything. After joining the company, I will be in charge of designing and manufacturing circuits and housings, and I am enjoying every day taking advantage of what I learned widely and shallowly during university.

Hironori Nakamura
Hironori NakamuraHiring new graduates
Joined company in 2012

Since POWDEC is a small company, there is a wide range of things that we need to deal with alone. Therefore, we can gain various work experience. We can also try various things. In addition, the company regularly holds study sessions, etc., and can enhance our specialty.

Shiori Murayama
Shiori MurayamaMid-career recruitment
Joined company in 2020

I am delighted to have been assigned a lot of work in a limited time. Although it is a part-time job, I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to gain in-house technical knowledge (such as study sessions) and that I am in an environment where I can grow.

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